Budget Priorities

Funded High Equity Imperative NPS Budget Priorities.

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2 thoughts on “Budget Priorities

  1. I’m concerned that there don’t seem to be any items here addressing the outdated, broken, or simply non-existent A/V equipment in classroms at 801, Bertie Backus, and the Flagship.

    We need to keep in mind that 21st century students expect a 21st century classroom experience like they can receive at our peer institutions. That experience requires, at the very least, that every single classroom space on campus has a functioning projector, speakers, and computer station. Anything less is unacceptable. Failing to address these known issues for years at a time sends a very clear message to students.

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  2. There isn’t any funding proposed to support undergraduate professors in order to secure them for classroom availability. There are more opportunities for graduate students, however, that doesn’t address the disparity in undergraduate studies for some programs.


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